What was the daily Quran reading of the Prophet (pbuh) like?

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- Are there any hadiths regarding the issue?

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The Messenger of Allah (pbuh), who was ordered to read the Quran (an-Naml, 27/91,92) and who was asked to read it in measured rhythmic tones (al-Muzzammil, 73/4) The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) set an example for all Muslims with his both verbal and actual sunnah related to reading the Quran as he did in all issues.

It is possible to come across some information in the sources about how much Quran the Prophet (pbuh) read daily, how he read the Quran and what the outstanding qualities were in his reading and reciting the Quran.

The Prophet (pbuh) read the Quran on all occasions, everywhere and a lot. The Quran is a message that shaped the Prophet in terms of thought, belief, ethics and deed. He never got tired of reading the Quran and never left it; he read the Quran for a long time. He always read the Quran at home, at fairs, in his talks and in prayer. He would sometimes spend the whole night reading a verse from the Quran until the morning. The Quran was his source and his supplication that he never quit reading.

The basis of his invitation was the verses of the Quran; he spoke based on the Quran. The verses of the Quran became his glorification and supplication. His day began with the Quran and ended with the Quran.

He read and advised his ummah to read the last verses of the chapter of al-Hashr after the morning prayer (fajr) and the last verses of the chapter of al-Baqara after the night prayer (isha).

In addition, he constantly read some supplications from the Quran in his daily life, like reading the last verses of the chapter of Aal-i Imran, Ayatul-Kursiyy and Muawwidhat (the chapters of al-Ikhlas, al-Falaq and an-Nas) at night.

Some narrations regarding the issue are as follows:

1. The Prophet (pbuh) accepted it his duty to recite some verses of the Quran every day. (Tirmidhi, Fadailul-Quran, 17)

2. Hz. Aisha stated that she did not remember that the Prophet of Allah (pbuh) recited the whole Quran in one night (until the morning). (Ibn Majah, Iqamatus-Salah, 176)

3. According to what Hz. Aisha narrates, the Prophet (pbuh) recited the last ten verses of the chapter of Aal-i Imran one night in tears and said, “Shame on anyone who reads these verses and does not think deeply!” According to a narration from Abu Hurayra, it is stated that the Prophet recited these last ten verses every night. (Ibn Kathir, Tafsir, I, 440-441)

4. Hudhayfatul-Yaman states that once the Prophet (pbuh) recited the chapters of al-Fatiha, al-Baqara, Aal-i Imran and an-Nisa (more than a hundred pages) in one rak’ah of tahajjud prayer. (Ahmad, V, 284)

5. According to a narration, the Prophet (pbuh) kept repeating the following verse one night until the morning (Ahmad, V, 156):

“If Thou dost punish them, they are Thy servant: If Thou dost forgive them, Thou art the Exalted in power, the Wise.” (al-Maida, 5/118)

When we view the issue in the light of the observations of the Companions who personally witnessed the recitations of the Prophet (pbuh), who read the Quran both in and outside prayer throughout his prophethood, it is possible to summarize the issue as follows:

- He recited the Quran in tartil (in slow, measured rhythmic tones); he pronounced the letters and words as if he was explaining them.

- He read the Quran by concentrating on the meanings of the verses. He sometimes repeated some verses, contemplated for a long time on the sections containing deep truth and wisdom, asked from Allah when he read the verses of mercy, and sought refuge in Him when he read the verses of punishment and warning.

- He recited the Quran with his mouth, mind and heart. While he was arranging the words with his tongue, he focused on the meanings with his mind and received his share from the Quran with his heart.

- He took time off to read the Quran both at night and during the day.

- Instead of reading a lot of pages of the Quran in one sitting or overnight, he preferred to recite with contemplation every day, sometimes repeating a single verse until the morning.

- He liked listening to the Quran others.

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