What should a girl who wants to dress in accordance with tasattur / wear hijab but whose family opposes it do?

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I have a friend. She wants to dress in accordance with tasattur / wear hijab but her family pressurizes her.
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Dear Brother / Sister,

Mother and father are the people that have to be obeyed. Therefore, it is necessary to obey their wishes that are halal (legitimate). However, one cannot obey haram orders even if they are from his/her parents. From this point of view, a girl cannot obey the wishes her parents who oppose her hijab. For, Allah is the owner of all beings. It is necessary to obey His wishes first. Besides, those who will help us in the grave, Gathering Place, Sirat and the other realms of the hereafter will not be those who oppose the tasattur of girls.

Accordingly, your friend needs to cover her body without insulting her parents and without uttering words that will break their hearts.

The following hadiths lay it as a condition that obedience must be in accordance with Allah's consent:

"Whoever among you commands you to do something that involves disobedience to Allah, do not obey him." (Ibn Majah, Jihad, 40);

"There is no submission in matters involving Allah's disobedience. Submission is obligatory only in what is halal."(Bukhari, Ahkam, 4; Muslim, Imarah, 39-40).

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