What is the measure in the dialogue between men and women in the social environment?

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- Unfortunately, my wife and I constantly argue about religious sensitivity. How should the dialogue of a Muslim man be with women in social life and in the business environment?
- It is said that we should avoid unnecessary conversations. What is meant by unnecessary?
- Is it appropriate for men and women to sit together at family visits using the fact that they sit together on the buses as an excuse?

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Dear Brother / Sister,

While meeting and talking to men and women who do not cover the parts of their bodies that are to be covered, one must talk to them as little as it is necessary; then, it is necessary to move away from them; if it is not possible, one must not look at them or talk to them.

It is permissible to talk in moderation and to be together in a social environment with those who abide by hijab; every Muslim must control his own situation; if he does not fall into sin when he looks at the permissible parts of the body, speaks and is in the same environment, he can continue but if he falls into sin, he must avoid them when it is not necessary.

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