What is the evidence showing that those who are deprived of some boons in the world will benefit more from those boons than others in Paradise?

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- Those who are deprived of some boons in the world will be in a better state than other Muslims in the grave and the hereafter if they show patient and thank Allah. What is the source of this information?

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This issue is indicated as follows: in a hadith:

Abdullah Ibn Masud climbed a tree to get something. His thin legs appeared. Some Companions started to laugh when they saw his legs. The Prophet (pbuh) did not like it and said,  

“Why are you laughing? Abdullah’s legs will turn out to be heavier than Mount Uhud on the Day of Judgment.” (Tabaqat, 3: 155.)

As the hadith above indicates, if a person is deprived of a boon in this world, he will benefit from that boon more in Paradise.

There is a rule: Both penalty and reward are given in compliance with the type of the deed. Man will receive his reward and penalty in the hereafter based on the thing he was tested with.

Those who are blind in this world will have eyes that will see better in Paradise. He who does not have a very beautiful face in this world will have a more beautiful face in Paradise. The condition to have them is to show patience, to thank Allah for his state and not to rebel.

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