What does Quran say about nuclear vs extended families?

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We all know how difficult it is for 2 or 3 families, eg.3 brothers with their wives and children i.e.about 12 people , to stay together in one small 2-bedroom appartment. Since my husband owns the house is it wrong to encourage the other 2 brothers to start looking for their own houses say in the next few years? My husband thinks that they will feel bad, but I am thinking of when the children, especially my daughters will grow up and I would like them to have some privacy. I dont know how to handle this. I really want each of the brothers to understand their responsibility and not be dependent on my husband for ever. And I would be happy to help them in any endeavour. My husband is sort of blinded at this point in life and thinks he is helping them by giving them shelter, but he fails to address my concerns and expects me to put up with everybody, to the extent that he says If I cannot stay with everybody I am free to leave the house. This deeply saddens me when all I am asking is that his brothers should take care of themselves on their own and my children should feel good and free in their own house instead of having to be cramped in one corner. How can I make my husband understand this? Is there any dua that I can recite?
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Dear Brother / Sister,

The daughter-in-law does not have to stay in the same place with her parents-in-law; she does not have to look after them (legally). However she is advised (religiously) to serve them. From that point of view, it can be said too that a woman does not have to live with her husband's brothers and with their wives, she has right to live in a seperate house.

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Is joint family system mandatory in Islam? Is there such a concept?

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