Does the daughter-in-love have to live in the same house with her mother-in-law?

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Is joint family system mandatory in Islam? Is there such concept?
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Joint family system is not mandatory in Islam. Detailed explanation is given below.

Does the daughter-in-law have to live in the same house with her mother-in-law?

The daughter-in-law does not have to stay in the same place with her parents-in-law; she does not have to look after them (legally). However she is advised (religiously) to serve them.

In accordance with her husband’s financial position, she may want to stay in a separate home, if not possible a separate room; she cannot be forced to serve them.

However, the happiness and peace of mind of a woman’s husband will be her happiness and her peace of mind too, so if a woman tries to serve her parents-in-law and not to depress them, she will contribute to the happiness and peace of the family.
No son neglects or ignores his parents; he never refrains from serving them when they need.  

He will certainly serve his parents and become happy when they are happy and become unhappy when they are unhappy.
If a woman uses her legal right and does not serve her parents-in-law will cause the unhappiness of her husband and a decrease in his love. A woman would not like it, of course.

Besides, today’s daughter-in-laws are tomorrow’s mother-in-laws. It is obvious that if they ignore their parents-in-law today, they will be destined to be ignored tomorrow. So the daughter-in-law should not neglect the service of her parents-in-law which is not demanded legally but demanded religiously and she should not forget that in the future she will need service and respect similarly.
In addition, these favors are reciprocal. Today she serves her parents-in-law, and tomorrow her husband will serve his parents-in-law. Only Allah knows who will need whom, when and how. The real fidelity and loyalty will be apparent then.

Furthermore, this service and care is not for strangers, but for father-in-law and mother-in-law, who are like father and mother. Even if they are not natural parents, they are like parents...

 Ahmed ŞAHİN

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