What does it stem from that nations have properties and national characteristics different from each other?

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What does it stem from that nations have properties and national characteristics different from each other?
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It is true that nations have different characteristics. However, this difference seems to be related more to psychological and sociological factors developing in accordance with the environment, besides genetic factors. Below are some points indicating that this should be the case:

a. In the first place, as all humankind is the children of Adam and Eve, they have shared genetic structure that they inherited from them.

b. As the grandchildren of Prophet Noah, people of all races are cousins. This is the proof that all races share many common characteristics.

Another very important factor in the difference of nations is the social environment. There is a saying, “A person who falls in with bad companions gradually acquires their bad habits.For instance, those who have grown up in an environment fostering knowledge, engage in working to achieve it, thinking the value that knowledge provides one with.

For example, for Jews, the love for knowledge emerged somehow as a social phenomenon and other Jews brought up in that atmosphere followed that tradition, too. Since olden times, the Jews who have “bragged about” being the grandchildren of prophets against unbelievers have tried to retain this “superiority” by passionately engaging in science, economy and ruling which would make them different from others. Not able to realize their ambitions of rule because of other circumstances, they have made much progress in various sciences which they saw as vital for the ideal of world domination. However, because of their excessive fondness for the world, the same Jews have a rather fearful characteristic, afraid to be separated from the world that they are so fond of with death.

However, Turks, for instance, because of the dynamism provided by the nomadic lifestyle, because of the desire to find country and the necessity to maintain life, have become brave, dynamic and dashing in general. This sociological phenomenon brought about to their society bravery and the desire to dominate others.

c. People of the same race living in different environments show very different characteristics, which underlines the effect of social circumstances on human psychology. Today, people of different nationalities in the US can come up with quite successful scientific innovations, sharing the circumstances there. Their compatriots, on the other hand, though not mentally inferior to them, cannot accomplish this in their own country.

d. Today, characteristics of communities are paid much attention and importance, rather than the characteristics of races. For instance, there are enormous differences between the characteristics of Muslim Turks and Non-Muslim Turks. The Religion of Islam changed the ignorant Arabs of the Age of Ignorance to masters of thought for the world. Indeed, in the Islamic terminology, nations are divided into two: the nation of Islam and that of unbelief. Many factors can be pointed out in this subject. As we think, some windows are already opened which will shed light on the issue and which do not transgress their aim and intention.

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