What is the decree on working as a lawyer in a non-Muslim country?

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The people who work as lawyers, judges, prosecutors, etc. work mentally in the law cases that they undertake by using their reasoning, knowledge and experience; they also exert (partially) physical and material efforts for the follow-up of the case. The wages that lawyers receive are the price of the time and effort they spend. Therefore, as long as they do not defend religiously illegitimate issues in the cases they undertake, and they abide by the principles of rights, justice and conscience, the fees received by lawyers are halal.

However, if they defend issues that are religiously illegitimate or that incompatible with the principles of rights, justice and conscience, they become partners in the sin that is committed, and the wages they receive in return for it become doubtful in terms of religion.

In this respect, it is not appropriate and it is a sin to help people who deal with religiously and morally wrong things in return for a fee and to defend them within the framework of law and with the opportunities provided by law.

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