What can be done in order to stop smoking or make others stop smoking?

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What can be done in order to stop smoking or make others stop smoking?

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It is possible to say a lot of things regarding the issue. However, we find it appropriate to attract attention to a few aspects of the issue in items:

1. Man belongs to Allah as a whole. Everything that is given to man is entrusted to him. To harm those entrusted things makes man responsible to the Being that gives them to him. Therefore, it is not appropriate to harm what belongs to Allah without His permission. The more we know Allah, who is the real owner of everything, and the more we know the necessity of acting according to His permission, the quicker we will give up those habits.

2. We are always in the presence of Allah. We need to do things that are suitable to do in His presence. Then, we need to be careful since the habits that our religion does not find appropriate are contrary to His presence.

3. Wasting is a disorder that our religion forbids. Habits like smoking cause wasting.

4. Man is responsible for keeping healthy. It is not appropriate to risk our health due to an addiction that causes tens of diseases.

5. Allah associates the rights of others with their consent. A habit like smoking that disturbs others means showing disrespect to and violating the rights of others; therefore, it makes man spiritually responsible. It means it is necessary to ask forgiveness from the people that a person disturbs by smoking.

6. Angels and spiritual beings are always with us; therefore, one can disturb them by smoking. From this point of view, it is necessary to wear nice perfume and not to smell badly so as not to cause those blessed spiritual beings to move away from us.

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