What are the miracles of Prophet Moses?

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What are the miracles of Prophet Moses?

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Prophet Moses has nine, most famous, known miracles. (The Journey by Night (Al-Isra); 101 (17: 101). They are:

1- The staff he was holding in his hand turning into a dragon,
2- His hand becoming white and shining brightly (the white hand),
3- The miracle of locust disaster,
4- The miracle of louse disaster,
5- Hordes of frogs  infesting Egypt,
6- Water turning to blood,
7- In Tih desert, twelve fountains squirting out of the rock as he struck the rock with his staff,
8- The children of Israel passing through the sea by the parting of the sea.
9- Mount Sinai being picked up from its place and raised above the children of Israel. ((Bilmen, IV/1323-24; Chantay, II/530, note:93)

Of course, the miracles of Moses are not restricted to those only. He has some other miracles, too. However, those are the miracles that became famous.

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