What are the evidences of the obligation of kaffarah (atonement) for fasting?

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Kaffarah (atonement) for breaking fasting in Ramadan

The following is stated in the Quran:

"... Make not vain your deeds." (Muhammad, 47/33)

It is a sin to break fasting that is fard without a legitimate excuse. The Prophet (pbuh) states the following:

"If a person breaks fasting in Ramadan, it is necessary for him what is necessary for a person who commits zihar." (Ibnul Humam, Fathul-Qadir, II/70)

Thus, a person who breaks fasting deliberately in Ramadan has to perform fasting two months on end. It is fard for him. In addition, he has to perform the fasting he broke as qada.

"Kaffarah is not in question for nafilah fasting (fasting that is not fard). It is a sin to break fard fasting in Ramadan and it is not regarded the same as nafilah fasting." (Marghinani, I/125)

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