Were the people who lived during the era of the Prophet luckier than us since they saw him and attained the rank of being Companions?

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All of the deeds of Allah, who is the Just and Wise and Absolutely Merciful, are wise, merciful and just. Nobody can be more compassionate and merciful to His creatures than Him. When issues like qadar (destiny) and justice are viewed, it is necessary not to overlook this fact.

The different conditions of life everybody faces in this world, and the different issues he faces related to himself, his family and relatives are a result of a divine distribution whose reasons and wisdoms we cannot know truly.

It is necessary not to doubt that Our Lord, who has endless mercy, gives man what is good for him. If we had lived in the era of the Prophet (pbuh), we could have attained the degree of the Companions. However, we should not forget that there were so many people who lived in that era and died as unbelievers. We could have been among them by using our will in a wrong way. 

What we need to do is to accept that our Lord gave us what is best for us and try to live in accordance with His consent.

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