How does imitative belief turn to investigative belief?

How does belief based on imitation turn to belief based on investigation and evidence?

There are two ways of getting rid of imitative belief and reaching investigative belief. Badiuzzaman Said Nursi explains the two ways as follows:

The First Way is the way of religious order and sufism, which trains the soul, improve the spirit and makes a person attain the truth through discovery and witnessing. Such a person is described as a person whose eye of the heart is open.

Those who attain this rank witness the truth of belief as if they see them through their eyes. This way is very luminous and prosperous. However, it necessitates a lot of painstaking and efforts. Many people start this way but very few people attain this rank, which is called discovery and witnessing; only very distinguished people attain it. Their belief is based on witnessing. We wish success from Allah for our brothers who try to reach investigative belief through this way.   

The Second Way is approving the truths of belief in a Quranic way with the union of the mind and the heart and with the strength of a certainty at the degree of knowledge at the level of absolute certainty. That is, to know the truths of belief with strong evidences as if seeing them through eyes. This is the way of the Quran. It is the road of the Companions and saints. It is called the great sainthood. The second way is the foundation, yeast, spirit and truth of Risale-i Nur.

Yes, anyone who wants to build his belief on sound evidences as if he sees them and wants to attain investigative belief can attain this rank by reading and studying the Risale-i Nur collection seriously. We advise you the Risale-i Nur collection and wish Allah to give you success in attaining investigative belief through it.

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