Is ugliness a test? What should a person who is very ugly in appearance do?

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Dear Brother / Sister,

Not everybody’s test is the same. People are tested through things such as property, children, wealth, rank, strength and beauty. It is not certain who will win or lose which test. Therefore, it is necessary to know that everything that is given to us is a test and that what is not given to us is not our right.

Besides, we do not know what is good for us. We might want something to happen very much but we might wish it had not happened afterwards. Therefore, it is best to ask what is good for us when we ask something and to wait patiently if it is not given.

Hz. Maryam’s (Mary’s) mother wanted a son. Allah gave her a daughter. She was very upset. If we asked her now, "Do you want dozens of boys or only one girl like Maryam?" she would definitely want only Maryam because her daughter became the mother of a prophet.

We should act like that. It should not be forgotten that the situation you are in is a test for both you and the people around you. Besides, you did not make your body yourself. Those who look down on you will be held responsible for insulting Allah's art. Do not make the same mistake.

On the other hand, if those who are deprived of some beauties in this world become patient and grateful, they will be more beautiful than other Muslims in the grave and in the hereafter.

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