The most virtuous four women are mentioned; who are the most virtuous women?

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Four virtuous women are mentioned in the film "Hz Maryam" (Mary). Hz Maryam, Hz Fatima; who are the other two women?
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According to what we learn from various hadiths, there are four most virtuous women. They are Asiya, the wife of Pharaoh, Maryam, the mother of Hz. Isa (Jesus), Khadijah, the wife of the Prophet (pbuh) and Fatima, his daughter.

It should not be forgotten that Allah does not bestow his favor upon anybody randomly and does not grant anything to anybody without any reason. When there is a divine grace and grant, there is definitely some valuable service, sacrifice and patience; our Lord evaluates them in favor of their doers and rewards them without losing any of the deeds.  

Let us think about the sacrifices and patience of the women who were elevated to the rank of the big sisters of the women of Paradise. Let us have a look at the virtues and patience that enabled them to reach that rank.  

Do you know whose wife Asiya is? Pharaoh's. Does it not necessitate a lot of patience to be the wife of a tyrant like Pharaoh, who went too far by claiming to be God? Can this family life continue with simple endurance? 

The second one is Hz. Maryam.

Our Lord created Hz. Adam without a mother and father; He created Hz. Isa without father in order to show that He can create man without a father too. The people around her who could not receive this message accused and slandered Hz. Maryam. They asked her, "How did you beget this child?" Hz. Maryam showed patience and endured this cruelty.

The third one is Hz. Khadijah. Not only did she sacrifice her wealth for the sake of the Prophet (pbuh), that is, her husband, but she also suffered hunger for years and underwent an economic boycott. However, she never complained; she preferred to show patience. In return for this patience, she was elevated to the rank of the big sisters of the women of Paradise.

What about Hz. Fatima? She showed patience whenever she encountered poverty, which she encountered throughout her life. She never filled her stomach with barley bread and led a life in hardship and poverty.

Once, the Prophet (pbuh) could not eat the food he was served in a house where he was a guest due to shedding tears; he put some food aside and said to the people there,  "Take this to Fatima; she has not eaten something like this for three days."

Once, the Prophet (pbuh) asked Bilal, who was late for the prayer, why he was late. Bilal said,

– Your daughter, Fatima, was grinding barley with the hand mill. Her child started to cry and I took the hand mill and ground the barley. Fatima looked after the child; therefore, I was late."  

As we understand from the determinations in the book called "Fatimatuz-Zahra", Hz. Fatima led a very hard life. She always ground barley in the hand mill to produce flour to make bread and she had to carry the water that she drew from the well; therefore, wounds occurred in her hands and shoulders.  

Despite all of these difficulties, the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) warned and advised her as follows:

– O my daughter! Do not complain due to the hardships and difficulties you have. If you show patience, Allah will make you (like the ones before you) one of the big sisters of the women of Paradise. And He did. 

Yes, Allah is just. He definitely rewards those who show patience, sacrifice themselves and put up with hardships. Those who show patience in this world will be sent to Paradise and they will be elevated based on the level of their patience and the hardships they suffered; they will even be elevated to the rank ofthe big sisters of the women of Paradise.

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