Is there an order of reading the chapters of the Quran in prayer? What is the decree about it?

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The chapters to be read after al-Fatiha in prayer should be according to their order in the Quran. If a person reads the chapter of al-Masad in the first rak’ah, it is makruh for him to read the chapter of at-Tin or al-Maun in the second rak’ah. The chapter of at-Tin should be read in the first rak’ah and the chapter of al-Masad or al-Maun should be read in the second rak’ah.     

In the second rak’ah, it is makruh to read a chapter before the one read in the first rak’ah in the order of the Quran. It is not makruh if it is not done deliberately. However, if one has started reading, he should not stop it. Some scholars say it is not makruh in nafilah prayers.

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