Is there a hadith that means: A breeze blows in Paradise, trees sway and such a melody is heard that if someone heard it in the world, he would die of pleasure?

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Is there a hadith that means: A breeze blows in Paradise, trees sway and such a melody is heard that if someone heard it in the world, he would die of pleasure?
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Some hadith narrations regarding the issue are as follows:

"There is a tree in Paradise; its main branches are made of gold; the other branches are made of chrysolite and pearl; a breeze blows and then the trees start to produce a sound; nobody has heard a sound more beautiful than it." (Abu Nuaym, Sifatu’l-Jannah, 433; at-Targhib wat-Tarhib, 4/ 523; it is stated that Maslama b. Ulayyin, in the chain of the transmitters of the hadith, is not trustable. (see, Mizan al-I'tidal, 4/109)

“There is a tree in Paradise; its fruits are chrysolites, rubies and pearls; Allah sends a breeze; and the tree starts to resonate, rustle and sway; such sounds are heard that they have never been heard before."  (Ibn Qayyum al-Jawziyya, "Hadi'l-Arwah ila Bilad al-Afrah, Chapter Forty)

“There is a tree in Paradise standing on a trunk; a cavalryman can ride for a hundred years in its shade. People chat in its shade. Some people feel enthusiastic and remember the entertainment in the world. Thereupon, Allah sends a wind from Paradise and sways the tree; the tree produces all kinds of entertainment that were present in the world in the form of sounds and actions." (at-Targhib wat-Tarhib, 4/520; the narration is weak. see, Mizan al-I'tidal, 2/193)

“In Paradise, there is a market that people of Paradise go to every week. A north wind that emits scents of Paradise toward their faces and clothes blows; thus, their beauty increases. When they return to their spouses in a more beautiful and good-looking state, their spouses will say,  

- Your beauty has been increased. They will say,

-You also have become more beautiful since we left you.” (Muslim, Jannah 13)

"The scent of Paradise is smelled from a distance of one hundred years." (Hakim, Mustadrak 2/126)

Said b. Sa’d al-Harithi says: "According to what is told to me, there are forests of golden straws in Paradise; their fruits are figs; when the people of Paradise want to hear a nice sound, Allah will send a wind to those forests and the wind will produce the sounds that they wish."  (see an-Nihaya, 2/509-510)

That the wind bringing scents of Paradise is mentioned as the north wind originates from the fact that Arabs long for the north winds that bring rain. As a matter of fact, that wind is also called “muthira”, which means bringing action.  

As it is seen, when the Prophet informed us about life in Paradise in various hadiths, he told us that it was a land of endless beauties; thus, he encouraged us to work in order to reach those matchless bounties of God Almighty.  

When the wind blows, the trees hit each other producing such nice melodies; no ear has heard such sweet sounds before. It is stated that the people of Paradise will chat under those trees and recall their memoirs in the world and when they desire some entertainment, they will be beautified thanks to the wind Allah sends and the winds will produce all kinds of entertainment they were familiar with in the world by swaying.  

It means Paradise is a land of beauties. The beauties of the people of Paradise, and the tastes, pleasures and qualities of the bounties given to them will constantly increase.  (Ibn Qayyum al-Jawziyya, "Hadi'l-Arwah ila Bilad al-Afrah, Chapter Forty; İbrahim Canan, Kutub-i Sitte Tercüme ve Şerhi, Akçağ Yayınları: 14/427-429)

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