Is there any drawback to viewing the religion of Islam and the Quran - in order to understand that it is the true religion - with an impartial eye?

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Unbiased thinking lexically means to consider and evaluate something impartially. Satan leads man to aberration by saying, "Consider the Qur’an not as the word of Allah but to be neither man’s word nor the word of Allah and view it like that in order to be impartial. Would it still have the superior virtues and superior power of expression that you claim it has?"

Badiuzzaman Said Nursi states the following:

"Unbiased thinking is to take a position between two sides. Whereas what both you and your disciples from among men call unbiased thinking is to take the part of the opposing side; it is not impartiality, it is temporary unbelief." (see Sözler, On Beşinci Söz'ün Zeyli)

Thus, he states that one cannot view the Quran impartially and that unbiased thinking implicitly means to take the part of the opposing side, revealing this subtle trick of Satan.

The wonderful and miraculous aspects of the Quran can be seen only when it is viewed as the word of Allah. Otherwise, viewing it impartially or as a word of a human being will extinguish that light. In that case, a person who says he acts unbiasedly and impartially is driven to irreligiousness and is choked in darkness. Many people lose their belief with this deception of unbiased thinking.  

First of all, we should consider the following determination of Badiuzzaman regarding the issue: “Unbiased thinking is to take the part of the opposing side; it is not impartiality.”

Even if such thinking is applied in the name of impartiality, it means to view the Quran as a human word for a while, which is “temporary unbelief” as Badiuzzaman puts it.

The Quran is Allah’s word. It is necessary to accept it like that first, to believe it like that and then to answer the questions and claims about the Quran by standing in the same front as the Quran.

To leave the front in the name of impartiality, to join the ranks of those who say the Quran is the word of a human and to view the Quran from that viewpoint will cause the lofty truths in the Quran to be hidden.

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