Taking in an abused child.

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I am a 43 year old woman who lives with 2 children, daughter 21 and son 15. Husband is in pakistan. Have been looking after a 15 year old boy who ran away from home because he was being beaten up by his father. My daughter is away at University but does visit every fortnight. The boy has been with me for 10 days. My parents have told me to remove him from my premises as it is not my problem. He is muslim and my sons best friend. Could you please let me know what are the Islamic rules for this?
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Dear Brother / Sister,

It is a very big virtue to help and look after those who are in need. And it has a great good deed. It also prevents disasters that will happen to. However there are some points to be attended to according to Islam.

A woman can not touch and show her private parts except hands and face, be together with someone whom is legally possible to make a nikah with. It must be paid attention to these issues. If there is such a possibility, taking in becomes haram. If there is no drawback in these respects, it is not haram.

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