Is the Real Estate Business and Brokerage Permissible?

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Is the Real Estate Business and Brokerage Permissible?
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The real estate business and brokerage and charging money for the goods that are sold is permissible.

Brokerage is a legitimate profession. What a broker does is to make efforts in order to make the buyer and seller meet and agree. There must be a fee for this service. It is a legitimate job. However, the first condition of this profession just like the other professions is not to tell lies about the prices when making buyers and sellers meet.    

The fee for this service can be negotiated separately. The usual price for this kind of work in the neighborhood or the market can be agreed on. The broker cannot take the difference himself by showing the price of one party higher or lower than it is. What he deserves is the fee for the brokerage. Furthermore, he cannot have extra money for himself secretly by changing the price of the goods, because he is a broker. He is not a partner of the buyer or the seller.    

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