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I am in luv with a girl and we are trying to get married with parents will. my parents agreed but her parents are against it they may agree sometime but her mom is giving badduwa that she will never be happy, what can we do to make this marriage and also make her mom happy and clear her badduwas We luv sinceerly and want to be married by any means. if she marries me will she not go to jannat because her mom is not happy? Can we marry and later ask her mother to forgive us? please answer
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Dear Brother / Sister,

- When the parents curse unjustly, their curse is not valid.

- If she marries you, she is not regarded to have committed a sin. Therefore, not being able to enter Paradise because of it is not in question. 

- It is possible to ask for forgiveness regarding any issue after the marriage.

- It is necessary to take this into consideration: You should not break your parents’ hearts even if they are not right.

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