Question 32: Why did Allah create the living beings like Mesosaurus? Millions of species like this living being are extinct now. Why did Allah allow 99% of the species of the living beings He created in 3.7 billion years to disappear?

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Question 32: Why did Allah create the living beings like Mesosaurus? Millions of species like this living being are extinct now. Why did Allah allow 99% of the species of the living beings He created in 3.7 billion years to disappear? Or, why did He create them?

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Answer: Today’s man, whose world has completely changed and narrowed due to the Western philosophy, which does not accept a creator, regards himself as an officer for the arrangement of the universe, and tries to determine and arrange the purpose of life according to his own soul. He evaluates everything according to his own soul. All his purpose is this world life. No matter how long a being lives, he cannot make his feeling of compassion accept that being’s death and objects to it. Here gards it as mercilessness and injustice. In fact, it is a result of man’s using the feelings and emotions such as compassion and mercy given to him, in the wrong place.

Allah created the beings in the universe to show His own art and gave them a certain lifespan. The lifespan of some living beings is only seconds, some minutes, some seasons, some years, some quarter centuries and some centuries. The individuals of those with a seasonal lifespan are recreated every season. Thus, living beings make room for newcomers every season.

The lifespan of the individual living beings is limited; so is the lifespan of species. God Almighty makes some living groups live in a certain period and eliminates them for a number of reasons and replaces them. Extinct animals like Mesosaurus are among them. Such extinct living beings are not as many as it is claimed. There are very few living beings known to be extinct. Besides, the number is not so important because the owner of the universe is Allah. He does whatever He wishes in all realms; He sends away some and brings others. Besides, the living beings created in this world are, in a sense, the creatures exhibited in the world fair. Those who complete the duty of exhibition are sent from the world to the hereafter.

In fact, all living beings play the role given to them in this world fair and leave. Let alone the living beings, this world itself is not permanent. Every living being is temporary and mortal. Human beings are mortal and human species is mortal too. This world itself is temporary and mortal. When the beings in this realm complete their duties and expire, they will bid farewell to this world and be recreated in the eternal realm.

What happens if Mesosaurus lives 400 years instead of 200 years in this temporary realm? It will bid farewell to this realm in the end. The Creator, who has infinite knowledge, will and power determined a different life span for each living group and even each individual. Is it not the same for man? The life expectancy of each individual is different. What is essential is to be able to be addressed by the Creator, who is everlasting and eternal, during this lifespan and to know Him properly. The shortness or length of a life spanis not important if man knows Allah and is addressed by Him. A short moment addressed by Him manifests as eternal time in the hereafter. The worldly life of a person who is not addressed by the Creator and who does not know Himis not worth even a second in terms of the hereafter even if it lasts a thousand years.

It is stated in the Quran that all living and non-living beings prostrate, worship, praise and glorify Allah. Therefore, it is enough for a Mesosaurus that knows and recognizes Him, and glorifies Him to live in this world even for a moment. This short life gives Mesosaurus an eternal life in the hereafter. Although its body is gone, its spirit remains eternal. It watches the hereafter from the body of the same kind.

Unfortunately, today’s man uses the feeling of compassion and mercy in the wrong place. Those who are to be pitied and shown mercy are not the living beings that passed away from the world after prostrating before Allah and worshipping Him like Mesosaurus and living for a certain period and hence gaining eternal life because they gained the afterlife by performing the duties of being animals given to them.

The ones that are really to be pitied are those who do not know Allah, do not worship Him properly and hence do not fulfill the requirements of being humans; they waste their lives in vain and buy Hell instead of Paradise.

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