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If a married woman's husband is still alive, can another person (e.g her father) perform the hajj for her? whose permission is needed? And what if the husband has not been asked?
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Dear Brother / Sister,

Hajj (pilgrimage) duty must not be neglected. Neglecting it, does not cause Divine Calamity but requires Divine anger and distress. And as a result, sins and debauchery are increased by the Almighty Allah.

A woman can send someone else to Hajj (Pilgrimage) in place of herself, if she has a chance to do so. And also she does not have to get permission from her husband, if she will use her own money for this obligatory rule of Islam. Because, she can spend her own money however she wants without permission of her husband, in the circle of halal (permissible) deeds, especially for a duty such as Hajj. She can send her father as a proxy as well. But there are some conditions that are needed for both bequeather and proxy.

If the proxyship is wanted to be permissible, the obligor person for Hajj must be as impotent as not to be able to perform this Holy duty. Otherwise it is not permissible to send a proxy instead (That is to say, if one person is able enough to perform the Hajj himself, it is not permissible to send someone else as a proxy.).

Excuses such as excessive old-age, continuously illnesses or being confined to bed, death and for women not having someone familiar (mahram) to make a journey with (If a woman intending to perform Hajj duty has no someone familiar (mahram) to go with, she can send someone else as a proxy) etc. are the reasons that makes sending another person permissible in place of him/her self. In that situation, the obligor of Hajj can send someone, whom s/he trusts, as a proxy.     
During the Last Hajj of our Prophet (pbuh), a young lady from Hasam tribe approached to Our Prophet (pbuh) and asked as follows:
“O Messenger of Allah! My dad heard about the command of Hajj, when he was very old. And now he is unable even to sit on a camel. Can I perform the Hajj duty for him as a proxy?”

Our Prophet (pbuh) stated as follows: “Yes, you can perform the Hajj for him as a proxy.” (1)
Ibn-i Abbas states that a woman had intended to perform the Hajj, but her life did not last long enough. Without performing the Hajj she died. Her brother because of this reason went to Prophet (pbuh) and asked him what to do.
Our Prophet (pbuh): “If your sister who died had had some debts behind, would you pay for her?

Her brother replied as: “Yes, O Messenger of Allah!”.  

Our Prophet said him that if so, pay for the debts she has to pay to Allah, too, because He is the most worthy to be paid. (2)

1- Sahih-i Buharî, Hajj, v.6, p. 52; Nesâî, v. 5, p.147
2- Nesâî, Menâsik'ul-Hajj, v. 5, p.146

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