Is life a distilled essence of the universe?

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- What does life being a distilled essence of the universe mean?

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- That life is a distilled essence of the universe can be explained as follows:    

The creation of the universe, its various parts being formed like that, shows –in terms of wisdom- that it is a system that paves the way for the conditions of life to form and life to exist.

For instance, as it is indicated in the Quran, the last stage in the creation of the universe is the creation of the conditions of life on earth - in terms of its being suitable for the conditions of life and living of humans.

As Badiuzzaman Said Nursi puts it,

“The earth was spread out and became suitable for human beings to live after the heavens were straightened and arranged; thus, the earth was created after the heavens.” (İşarat-ül İ'caz, p. 188)

Allah, who does everything based on wisdom, regarded the principle of gradualism and development as sunnatullah and created the parts of the universe in the form of overlapping circles that pave the way for each other based on this principle.  

The arrangement of the various parts and organs of the universe in a way that will produce life within this system of creation enabled “life to form as anessence distilled from the universe”.

“Yes, just as life is the distilled essence of the universe; and consciousness and sense perception are distilled from life and are the essence of life; and intelligence too is distilled from consciousness and sense perception and is the essence of consciousness; and spirit is the pure, unsullied substance of life, its stable and autonomous essence.” (Sözler, p. 109-110)

It is possible to see the hierarchic, wise system of creation from the statement above.

- Life is an essence distilled from the universe in the material filed; similarly, it is a factor in the spiritual field that paves the way for thanks to be distilled, which is Allah’s real purpose in creating the universe.   

“Indeed, just as the All-Wise Quran shows thanks to be the result of creation; so the universe, which is a mighty Quran, shows the most important result of the world’s creation to be thanks.

For if the universe is observed carefully, it is seen from the way it is arranged that everything results in thanks; each looks to thanks to an extent and is turned towards it.

It is as though thanks is the most important fruit of the tree of creation, and gratitude is the most elevated product of the factory of the universe.

The reason for this is as follows:We see in the creation of the world that its beings are arranged as though in a circle with life as its central point. All beings look to life, and serve life, and produce the necessities of life.

That is to say, the One who created the universe chose life from it, giving it preference.

We see that He created the animal kingdom in the form of a circle and placed man at its center. Simply, He centered the aims intended from animate beings on man, gathering all living creatures around him and subjugating them to him. He made them serve him and him dominant over them.

That is to say, the Glorious Creator chose man from among living beings, and willed and decreed this position for him in the world.” (Mektubat, p. 364)

It means living beings are in the center of the circle of the universe and conscious human life is at the center of the circle of the living beings. 

Human life is the essence of the essences distilled from many filters.

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