Is it permissible to trim nails at night?

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Is it permissible to trim nails at night?

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Trimming nails is forbidden only when one is in ihram for hajj or umrah. They can be trimmed any time other than those periods. There is a superstition among people that “it is not permissible to trim nails at certain days or times, for instance, at night.”  That opinion, which originates from the thought that the pieces of nails that were trimmed could not be seen in the past when there was no electrical light, may be appropriate for dark places. However, there is no drawback to trimming nails at night when electrical light illuminates places today.

The pieces of trimmed nails should not be left around, and they should be removed properly. Therefore, nails can be trimmed during the day or night. They can be trimmed on any day of the week. It is better to trim them on Friday.

A person who has long nails has difficulty in winning his bread. It is sunnah to make ghusl, to wear nice scents, to wear new and clean clothes, to trim nails and to have a hair cut on Friday. It is sunnah to trim nails before or after the Friday prayer. It is better to trim them after the prayer. (Durr-ul-Mukhtar)

It is stated in a hadith that “trimming nails on Friday is a reason for recovery from illnesses.” (E. Sheykh)

In another hadith, it is stated that our Prophet trimmed his nails before he went to mosque for the Friday prayer. It is permissible to trim the nails on Thursday, too.

It is better to bury the pieces of nails that are trimmed. The following is stated in a hadith: 

“Bury your nails and hair lest the magicians should use them for magic!.” [Daylami]

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