Is it permissible to read the English translation/meaning of the Quran?

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It is permissible to read the English translation/meaning of the Quran; there is no drawback to it. The most important issue to be careful about reading a translation of the Quran is to refer to tafsir and fiqh books related to the principles of faith and decrees about fard, wajib, haram, etc.

Since there are no explanations in translations, there may be misunderstandings. Therefore, we advise reading tafsir books instead of translations.

No translation of the Quran can replace the original Quran; therefore, they cannot be read while performing prayers. It is definitely necessary to read the original Quran in a prayer (salah). Allah’s word is the Arabic one. Its place is different; so is its reward; many thawabs are given for each letter of it.

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Can we act upon the translation of the verses whose meaning we can understand clearly? Are all verses mutashabih?

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