Is it permissible to hunt with the intention of entertainment?

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Is it permissible to hunt with the intention of entertainment?
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It is makruh to hunt in order to spend time and to entertain oneself because it is something useless. For, the Prophet (pbuh) said,

“Do not make anything having life a target.” (1)

Another hadith is as follows:

“If somebody kills a bird for no reason, it will enter into the presence of Allah on the Day of Judgment and say,

'O Lord! So and so killed me for no reason. And he did not kill me for any beneficial purpose.' " (2)

If a person that hunts harms crops and goods while hunting, it is haram for him to hunt. For, means assume the decree of the purpose. (3) It is not appropriate to harm others’ fields and orchards while hunting.

Malikis divide the decrees on hunting into five parts: It is permissible (mubah) if one hunts for his living, mandub in order to obtain ample food for his family, wajib in order to survive, makruh in order to spend time and harm for fun and entertainment, without a reason. For, it is forbidden to harm animals with no reason.


1. Muslim, Nasai and Ibn Majah reported it from Ibn Abbas.
2. Shafii, Ahmad, Nasai and Ibn Habban
3. Kashful-Qina

(İslam Fıkhı Ansiklopedisi)

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