Is it not contrary to compassion and humanity to eat an animal that dies by feeling pain?

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Is it not contrary to compassion and humanity to eat an animal that dies by feeling pain?

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The Prophet (pbuh) stated the following:

“When you slaughter an animal, slaughter it in a nice way (do not make it suffer. You should whet your knife and make the animal you will slaughter ease.” (Muslim, Dhabaih:57; Abu Dawud, Adahi 11-12)

Therefore, it is sunnah to have animals slaughtered by sharp knives and in due form. (see Zuhayli, al-Fiqhu’l-Islami, 3/262) According to this statement, when an animal is not slaughtered in due form, it is understood that it is tormented and agonized.

However, it can be said that animals that are slaughtered in due form do not feel pain. Their sense of feeling pain can be eliminated and they can be saved from the feeling of pain by the grace of Allah. This state is an indication of Allah's mercy.

Therefore, an animal held down to be slaughtered, even, does not feel anything. It wants to feel it as the knife cuts, but that feeling disappears as well, and it is saved from the pain. (see Nursi, Şualar, On Birinci Şua [Rays, Eleventh Ray])

"Since the One who creates knows, surely the One who knows will speak."In accordance with this rule, our Lord, who created all animals and put them at the disposal of human beings, described the animals we make use of as blessings and bounties. The animals whose flesh is eaten are created as sustenance for man. When man slaughters those animals, their spirits go to Paradise. Their bodies will continue to function in the human body. Allah, who is their creator, definitely prepared good duties and a nice future for them.

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