Is it more valuable than the entire universe to obey one order of Allah?

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I do not understand how fulfilling only one order of Allah or attaining His consent can be more valuable than the whole universe!
Could this be something that is beyond the limits of our mind?

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Dear Brother / Sister,

Let us think;

In math, ∞ + 1 = ∞ + 1.000.000 = ∞.

So, whatever you add to infinity, the answer is again infinite!

For example, let us consider the Pacific Ocean: It does not matter whether you call it sea or ocean; it is a huge salty lake with a certain source and water.

If such a sea of the Earth and a fountain of Heaven, which flows in drops, were to be weighed, that fountain of Heaven, which flows in drops, would turn out to be larger, infinitely larger, than the Pacific Ocean.

For, the Pacific Ocean has a certain capacity and its time is limited. However, the time and capacity of the fountain of Heaven are endless!

That is why, it is more valuable than the whole universe to obey a single order and to fulfill a single wish of Allah because the reward of Allah's consent is infinite in the hereafter; on the other hand, everything in the universe is finite.

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