Is it makruh to bend the head down in prayer?

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- Is it makruh to bend the head down in prayer due to respect?

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It does not harm qiyam to bend the head while standing in prayer.

The best prayer and deed of worshipping is the one that is performed in accordance with its sunnah and adab. For, the Prophet (pbuh) also worshipped Allah Almighty as a slave. He became a model for us as an imam and a leader in worshipping and daily life.

Doubtlessly, we learn respect and awe in worshipping from him.

The Prophet (pbuh) states the following:

"Perform prayers in the same way as I do." (Bukhari, Adhan, 18; Adab, 27)

Accordingly, it is among adabs of prayer to look at the place of prostration while standing in prayer, at the feet while in ruku’, both sides of the nose in prostration, at the lap while sitting and the right and left shoulder in salutation.

It is makruh for a person who performs prayers
to bend his head down or to raise it up,
- to look at the right and left side by turning his neck,
- to turn his head to right and left, away from the direction of qiblah.

However, it is not makruh to bend the head a bit while standing with the intention of respect.

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