Is it haram for a person who breaks his fasting in Ramadan to eat and drink after that?

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- Is it haram for a person who does not fast in Ramadan deliberately to eat and drink during fasting hours even if his earning is halal?
- It is important. Will you explain it with the resource?

The Answer

Dear Brother / Sister,

It is a sin and haram not to fast in Ramadan without any excuse. Food and drink earned legitimately will not become haram when they are eaten or drunk in Ramadan to break fasting; what is halal is still halal; what is haram is the deed of breaking fasting.

Evidence for it:

What is essential in things is being halal; it is necessary for the shari’ah (revelation) to say haram for something so that we can say haram for it. The shari’ah does not call those food items haram. It says breaking fasting is haram.

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