Is it possible to fast in Ramadan without eating iftar?

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Is it possible to fast in Ramadan without eating iftar?

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Anas, my Allah be pleased with him, narrates:

Allah's Messenger, peace and blessings upon him, practiced al-Wisal (fasting continuously without breaking one's fast in the evening or eating before the following dawn) at the end of the month of Ramadan.

The community also practiced al-Wisal together with him. When the situation was relayed to Allah's Messenger (PBUH), he said:

If the month of Ramadan was prolonged for us, we would practice al-Wisal to such an extent that those going to the extremes would have to give it up.

I am not like you. I get shaded (taken good care of). My Lord makes me both eat and drink.”
(Kutub-i Sitta, Condensed Translation and Explanation, 9:500)

Such a fast was peculiar only to our Prophet and it was a sort of fasting which only he could follow. Fasting in such a way is not possible for everybody.

In some worships, there are styles which only our Prophet practiced. And al-Wisal also falls into this category. As a matter of fact, in the hadith that point is clearly stated.

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