Is it appropriate to say my fears came true?

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How is it evaluated or interpreted one’s fears coming true? For instance, someone says my fear came true when something that he does not want happen. Is it really like that? Or do people interpret it like that?
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Dear Brother / Sister,

Man has intuitions called foresight or extra sensory perception. It can also be called the sixth sense. Therefore, some things can be felt just before they happen with the permission of Allah. However, it is necessary to be very careful about it because those feelings that come in the form of warnings or glad tidings can sometimes be manipulated by Satan. That is, with the delusions of Satan, the mechanism of producing groundless suspicions existing in man can produce groundless fears; some suspicions can turn to obsessions and man’s life can be awful.

Therefore, it is permissible to regard something as good luck or lucky in Islam but it is not permissible to regard something as bad luck or unlucky. Regarding something as good luck or lucky gives happiness to life. The feeling of bad luck makes one’s life awful.

To sum up, a person who thinks about good things sees everything as good and takes pleasure from life. A person who thinks about bad things imports evil things into his spirit and adds poison to his life. We should not forget that the wheel of fortune turns based on the wisdom of Allah not based on our groundless suspicions.

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