How many tribes of Jews were there in Madinah and how was their attitude toward the Muslims?

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There were three Jewish tribes in Madinah: Banu Qurayza, Banu Nadr and Banu Qaynuqa. The most mischievous and courageous one among them was Banu Qaynuqa. They were jewelers. Therefore, they were quite rich. They had also signed a treaty with the Prophet just like the other tribes.

They had promised that they would not attempt any activities against Muslims, that they would defend Madinah against enemy in case of an external attack against Madinah and that they would not help the enemies of each other.

The anxieties of the Jews in Madinah increased when Muslims had a bright victory in the Battle of Badr. Although they had signed a peace treaty with the Prophet, it was noticed that they started the activities of mischief and sedition.  Despite everything, the Prophet treated them with tolerance since they were from the People of the Book. However, they showed with their attitudes and acts that they did not deserve such humane attitudes. Their poets wrote satirical poems about the Prophet and about the Muslims to humiliate them.

However, they had started to violate the treaty by their obvious mischievous acts and seditions, by trying to set Muslims against one another and by cooperating with the polytheists of Quraysh.

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