How many fair ones will be given in Paradise?

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-Ibn Abid-Dunya narrates: Abdullah said, “There is a fair one for every Muslim; every fair one has a tent; every tent has four doors; a souvenir, a gift, a treat comes to that fair one from a door every day. What comes is not the same as what has come before. Neither sarcastic nor…”

-I really liked that hadith. It is said that there is a fair one for every Muslim... In many other hadiths, it is mentioned that many houris will be given to men and only men are in the foreground.

- Can we rely on that narration; what are the most reliable hadiths regarding the issue?

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Dear Brother / Sister,

According to a narration reported from Abdullah b. Masud, our Prophet (in a long hadith narration) states the following:

“Every servant who fasts during Ramadan will be married to a houri / a fair one in a spacious tent made of pearls, as it is expressed in the following verse: ‘Fair ones, close-guarded in pavilions...’ (ar-Rahman, 55/72).” (Ibn Abid-Dunya, Fadailu Ramadan, 1/49)

- Haythami states that the hadith above is weak. (Haythami, Majmauz-Zawaid, 3/141)

- According to the information given in Bukhari, which is accepted as the most reliable source after the Quran, our Prophet (pbuh) said,

“The group that enters Paradise first will enter like a full moon (with a bright face). Those who enter after them are like the most beautiful shining star in the sky. Their heart is on the heart of one person (all hearts beat like the heart of one person). There is neither animosity/hatred, nor envy among them. For every man, there are TWO wives from houris / fair ones…” (Bukhari, Bad’ul-Khalq, 8)

- The following statement is also included in Sahihu Muslim

“When a man of Paradise enters his house, two of his wives from houris / fair ones will come to him.” (Muslim, Iman, 311)

However, the following statement of the man’s wives is also included there: “Praise be to Allah, who revived / resurrected / gave life to us for you and you for us.” It indicates, as some scholars say, that those two wives are women from the world.

- We should also point out that the expression “seventy/seventy-two houris” in some narrations, (Tirmidhi, Fadailul-Jihad, 25) is most likely a metaphorical phrase to express multiple spouses.

- Human beings are very strange. They try to say what they do not like in Paradise as if they have deserved Paradise.  However, Allah, whom we believe in, does everything in the best way. So, let us follow the footsteps of İbrahim Hakkı fully. He says, “Let us see what Lord does; whatever He does, He does well.” It is good whether He gives seventy or only one. It is good even if He does not give at all. Our duty is to fulfill our duty of servitude (worship) and not to interfere with the other things.

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