How did Suraka bin Ju'shum become a Muslim during the return from the siege of Taif?

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While the Messenger of Allah and his Companions were going to Jirana from Taif, they noticed someone approaching them. The Muslims wanted to stop him because they did not know him. They even wanted to harass him lest he should be someone with evil intentions. They asked him, “Where are you going? What do you want to do?”

When he realized that the Muslims would not let him approach the Prophet, he held the writing written by Hazrat Abu Bakr for him during the Migration between two of his fingers and shouted by showing it: “O Messenger of Allah! This is what you wrote for me. I am Suraka b. Jushum.”

The Prophet recognized him. He said, “Today is the day to keep my promise and to do you a favor.” Then he called out to the Muslims, “Let him approach me.”

When Suraka went to the presence of the Prophet, he uttered kalima ash-shahada and became a Muslim.

Suraka later said,

“I asked the Messenger of Allah, ‘O Messenger of Allah! Some camels at large come close to my pools that I fill with water for my camels. Will I have rewards if I give water to them, too?’ The Messenger of Allah said, ‘Yes... There is reward for giving water to any being that has lungs.’

"I did not ask anything else. I returned to my tribe. I separated the zakah for my goods and sent it to the Messenger of Allah (pbuh).” (Sirah, 2/135)

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