How did Hz. Bilal kill Umayya b. Khalaf at the Battle of Badr? Abdurrahman b. Awf captivated Umayya b. Khalaf and his son.

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Such an incident is narrated in historical resources (Ibn Ishaq and Ibn Hisham). As you have mentioned, Hz. Bilal wanted to kill him by saying "the head of unbelief". For, Umayya, who was the leader of the Jumah clan of Quraysh was really one of the leaders of unbelief.

In addition, he was the previous master of Hz. Bilal, who was a slave, and had tortured Bilal very much. Therefore, Bilal Habashi shouted, "If he lives, I will not live." The water carriers of who were captured before the Battle of Badr mentioned his name when they listed the fifteen leaders of Quraysh.

The verses related to the prisoners of war had not been sent down yet; therefore, it will not be appropriate to mention a law of prisoners of war based on verses. Umayya thought he would be released in return for a ransom. Various views were put forward related to the prisoners of war after the Battle of Badr. One of those views was to kill them; it is among the possibilities.

Though Hz. Bilal caused the death of Umayya, the Prophet (pbuh) did not blame or criticize him. 


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