How did the human species reach today?

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How did the human species reach today?
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The first man is Hz. Adam. Human beings reproduced from Hz. Adam and Hz. Havva (Eve). Hz. Havva always gave birth to twins. One of the twins was male and the other female. Hz. Adam married the twins born at the same time off with the twins that were born before or after them.

The issue of of Hz. Adam's children marrying to one another according to the religion:

All prophets from Hz. Adam to Hz. Muhammad (pbuh) taught people the true religion. The principles of belief, which are the basics of the religion, always remained the same. However, the affairs related to worshipping and the world, which is called shrai'ah, underwent some changes based on the necessities of the age and the requirements of the people. Allah Almighty sent a different shari'ah to every nation taking their lifestyles and interests into consideration. The following is stated in verse 48 of the chapter al-Maida regarding the issue:  

“To each among you have We prescribed a Law and an Open Way.”

Badiuzzaman Said Nursi explains the issue as follows:  

“Sacred laws change according to the ages. Indeed, in one age different prophets may come, and they have come. Since subsequent to the Seal of the Prophets, his Greater Shari’a is sufficient for all peoples in every age, no need has remained for different laws.” (Sözler (Words), p. 454)

Hz. Adam is the first man and the first prophet. Allah sent and taught him a religion and shari'ah. Allah Almighty rendered it halal for Adam's children to marry one another due to a necessity.  

For, it was necessary for the human species to reproduce. Since there were no other human beings, the siblings had to marry one another as a necessity. This practice continued for a while; when the number of the human beings increased, there was no need for such a practice; thus, this application was abolished afterwards.   

(Mehmed PAKSU, Meseleler ve Çözümleri-2)

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