How can we answer the claims of those who say the Prophet and the four caliphs did not live stating that they are not mentioned in the Byzantine and Persian sources?

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How can we answer the claims of those who say the Prophet and the four caliphs did not live stating that they are not mentioned in the Byzantine and Persian sources?
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A person who esteems the views of a person who has such delusions is regarded to be busy with something unnecessary.

There are hundreds of sources in the most civilized continents like Europe and America narrating the life of Hz. Muhammad (pbuh) and the religion he introduced.

In order to prove that there is nothing like that in the ancient Byzantine and Persian history, it is necessary to scan all of the sources written in Persian and Latin. Only after doing it can such a delusion be taken into consideration.

Can anybody show any Byzantine or Persian history source written fifteen hundred years ago? Nobody can because there was almost no tradition of writing history then.

Let us suppose that Byzantine and Persian sources did not mention Hz. Muhammad (pbuh). Can we decide that the hadith sources which were written while Hz. Muhammad (pbuh) was alive and which are much reliable and have more academic discipline than those sources, and thousands of scholars that exist in those sources did not exist at all?

It is illogical and unreasonable to say that the source of Islam, which continued fifteen hundred years and which harbored hundreds of philosophers, theologians, physicists, chemists, astronauts, geologists, archeologists, mathematicians, historians, writers, poets and similar scientists, scholars and academicians, which conquered their hearts and of which one out of three people is a member, is nothing.

Can there be a delusion more insane than thinking that a book like the Quran, which is a superhuman miracle studied and investigated by Muslim and non-Muslim scholars and scientists for hundreds of years and admired by them and which has kept the minds of hundreds of Western Orientalists busy, is without an owner?

While the existence of the era of four caliphs, Umayyad, Andalucian, Abbasid, Ayyubi, Seljuki and Ottoman states and many other states witnessed by history is as certain as the existence of the sun and while all of these states acted on behalf of the prophet called Hz. Muhammad (pbuh), it is ignorance to overlook their witnessing.

The photograph of the original letter written by Hz. Muhammad (pbuh) to the Iranian Chosroes was published in the newspapers and magazines in the east and west as a sound document. (see Prof. Dr. Muhammed Hamidullah, -trnsl by Prof. Dr. Salih Tuğ-İslam Peygamberi/İst. 1993/1/360-373)

The photographs of the original letters sent by Hz. Muhammad (pbuh) to the Byzantine King Heraclius (ibid, 1/332-350) and to the Egyptian King Muqawqis (see ibid, 1/313-324) are also included in the same book, and detailed information is given about the authenticity of the documents.

In his article called “Some Arabic Inscriptions of Madinah of Early Years of Hijrah” written in Hyderabad/October 1939, Muhammad Hamidullah states that he saw two inscriptions carved on the rocks in Madinah and that he saw the names of Hz. Abu Bakr and Hz. Umar carved on one of them and the name of Hz. Ali in the other. (see ibid, 367-368-694. footnote)

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