How can I dissuade my friend from committing a mistake?

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Salam. I have a friend who is divorced with 2 daughters, she recently told me a very disturbing thing. She has a boyfriend who lives with her. She says that they will get married, but in Islam, such a marriage is not permitted as her boyfriend has said to her that he will never convert to Islam. I feel bad that a Muslim sister is making a big mistake that I dont know what to do, or say to her? Please advise me. Thank you...
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Dear Brother / Sister,

You should advise your friend that a muslim girl or woman cannot mary a non-muslim, unless he reverts to Islam. It is prohibited in Islam and in case of such marriage, their relations are considered “fornication”. After all if she will get marry, nothing can be done. It is her choice and she will face the punishment herself in the hereafter.

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