How can a deaf person hear when Sur (the Trumpet) is blown?

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- When Sur (the Trumpet) is blown, all the people on earth will perish by hearing that sound.
- How can a deaf person hear that sound?

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Dear Brother / Sister,

First of all, we should state that Allah makes you hear if He wills. In addition, blowing the Trumpet (Sur) is a herald of the beginning of Doomsday. So, it is an extraordinary state. The hearing problems of hearing-impaired people can be removed in those extraordinary states.

Some verses regarding the issue are as follows:

“The Trumpet will (just) be sounded, when all that are in the heavens and on earth will swoon, except such as it will please Allah (to exempt). Then will a second one be sounded, when, behold, they will be standing and looking on.” (az-Zumar, 39/68)

“And listen for the Day when the Caller will call out from a place quiet near,- The Day when they will hear a (mighty) Blast in (very) truth: that will be the Day of Resurrection.” (Qaf, 50/41, 42)

Acting upon the verses, some tafsir scholars point out that nafkh /blowing the Trumpet will be in three forms:

- Nafkh Faza’: Blowing that frightens.

- Nafkh saiqa: Blowing that kills.

- Nafkh qiyam: Blowing that resurrects. (see Hazin tafsir, the interpretation of an-Naml, 27/87)

It is possible to establish a relationship among those three concepts, which are clearly included in the Quran, with hearing, and it is also possible not to establish this relationship. The cause of fear and unconsciousness or death, besides hearing the sound, may be the strong frequency of the sound - even if it is not heard - since it can spread to the neural base and cause fear, stun and even kill. There is a strong possibility that there is a resurrection frequency as well as a death frequency.

However, “the world is dar al-hikmah (place of wisdom), and the hereafter is dar al-qudrah (place of power).” In jobs that require tools and equipment in the world, they may not be necessary in the hereafter. Otherwise, how can deaf people understand the questions of the questioning angels in the grave? 

It means that at the time of Doomsday, when extraordinary events begin, everyone in the world at that moment will be affected by the sound and noise of Doomsday in some way; they will realize it and will die.

To sum up, the relevant verses warn people in a very effective way in terms of describing the horror of Doomsday and the resurrection, and state that it is necessary to be ready for Doomsday, whether it is man’s own doomsday or the doomsday of the universe.

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