Does a woman have to cook for her husband?

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Does a woman have to cook for her husband?
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The woman’s nafaqa, which consists of food, clothes, and a place to stay, has to be met by her husband under legitimate conditions. It is necessary to avoid extravagance because our Prophet (pbuh) said to a woman, “Take from the property of your husband what will be sufficient for you and for your child.”

It is a moral duty and honorable service for a woman to cook, bake bread, do the washing, sweep the rooms, arrange the housework and try to relieve the burden of her husband. (Hukuku İslamiyye Ö. N. Bilmen 2/483)

Our Prophet (pbuh) said to Fatima, his daughter, "You should take care of the housework and Ali should take care of the things outside the house." Our Prophet is the best example in the family life as he is in everything. The most important cause of our troubles in the family to day originates from our deviation from the Quran and the Sunnah.

If your wife does not do the housework, you can warn her. However, it is not appropriate to punish or beat her.

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