Does a person who says most of the Hadiths are fabricated exit the religion of Islam?

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Hadis / sunnah is a term that means the words, deeds and approval of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and it is the most important source of the religion of Islam after the Quran. Hadiths are called either mutawatir or ahad based on the number of narrators. A mutawatir hadith is a hadith that is narrated from a large group of people by another large group that is impossible to agree on a lie.

The narrations that do not reach the level of mutawatir in terms of the number of narrators are regarded as ahad hadith (khabar wahid).

Mutawatir khabar expresses definite knowledge. Definite knowledge means knowledge that cannot be denied and that must be accepted. The accuracy of such knowledge is beyond doubt. Mutawatir hadiths are the strongest religious evidence after the Quran and they form evidence in all issues, including the principles of belief. A mutawatir hadith is in the same position as the verses of Quran in terms of the bindingness of its decree.

It is unthinkable for Muslim to deny the mutawatir hadiths of the Prophet (pbuh). (see Ibn Hajar, Nuzhatun-Nazar, Sefir Printing House, Riyad 1422, p. 197; Mahmut Tahhan, Taysir, Maktabatul-Maarif, Riyad 1425, pp. 24-25)

As it is known, not all hadiths in hadith sources are mutawatir; some of them are ahad. The denial of the Quran and mutawatir hadiths, which are definite based on tawatur, is a reason for exiting the religion of Islam. The denial of a sound hadith that is not confirmed by tawatur does not lead to unbelief in terms of being khabar wahid but it is considered as fisq and bid'ah when the integrity of the sunnah is taken into consideration.

However, it is never acceptable for a Muslim to deny a hadith, or hadiths in general, without evidence unless he is equipped to evaluate the hadiths and their evidences scientifically and to make a judgment.

Hadiths can be researched, examined and discussed by competent people in terms of their narrators and texts. However, a Muslim should not resort to denying any hadith without being equipped to evaluate it scientifically and to make a judgment, and without evidence.

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