Does a person go directly to Paradise if his thawabs outweigh his sins when deeds are weighed in the Gathering Place?

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When a person dies as a believer, his deeds are weighed. Is he forgiven completely if his thawabs overweigh (in quantity or quality) or does he go to Paradise after he is punished in Hell due to his sins?
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When the sins and thawabs of a person are weighed and whenthawabs overweigh, his sins are forgiven and he goes to Paradise directly.

When Allah Almighty weighs the deeds, He will decide based on the superiority of the good deeds/thawabs over bad deeds/sins or vice versa. The reasons for bad deeds and sins are abundant and they are easy to commit; therefore, He will sometimes forgive a lot of bad deeds and sins of a person due to a good deed that He is pleased with...

A lot of hadiths were reported from the Prophet (pbuh) regarding the issue. One of them is as follows:

"On the way to Makkah, somebody felt very thirsty. He saw a water well and climbed down. He quenched his thirst and climbed up. When he came out, he saw a dog lolling its tongue from thirst and licking the ground. He thought, `This dog has become as thirsty as I was; it will die if it cannot find water.` He pitied the dog. He climbed down into the well again and filled his shoe with water. He held it in his mouth until he climbed out and gave the dog water to drink.

Due to this good deed of that person, Allah became pleased with him, praised him in the presence of His angels and put him to Paradise by forgiving all of his sins."

In some narrations, it is stated that the person giving water to the dog was a “prostitute”. When believers talk to and treat each other, they should act in accordance with the principle of justice in this great Mizan (Scales) of Allah. It should not be forgotten that if the good deeds of a person overweigh his bad deeds in quantity or quality, that person deserves love and respect.

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