Does having a bath unnecessarily invalidate fasting? Is it makruh?

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Fasting is not invalidated due to having a bath even if it is unnecessary. Besides, penetration of water into the body from the pores does not invalidate fasting.

It is permissible to have a bath when one is fasting. However, it is makruh to rinse one’s mouth and nose or to have a bath with cold water with the intention of cooling off in Ramadan is makruh according to Abu Hanifa. It is not makruh according to Abu Yusuf.

As for water entering the ear, there is a tube between the ear and the throat. However, since the eardrum blocks that tube, the water entering the ear cannot reach the throat. Therefore, water entering the ear does not invalidate fasting. Even if there is a hole in the ear drum and the water reaches the throat, fasting is not invalidated unless that water reaches the stomach.

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