Do all satans escape from adhan or do satan’s accomplices continue to cause delusions?

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When I read the hadiths of the Prophet (pbuh), I understand that Satan escapes from adhan. Doubtlessly, whatever the Prophet (pbuh) says is true. However, I feel bad words like delusions when adhan is called. Do all Satans escape from adhan or do Satan’s accomplices continue to cause delusions? Where do you think delusions come to me when adhan is called?

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For the hadith about Satan’s running away from a place when he hears adhan, see Bukhari, Bad’ul-Khalq, 11, h. no: 608)

- The reason why Satan escapes from the sound of adhan and goes away is his hatred toward adhan, which calls people to prostrate. For, he was dismissed when he had not prostrated upon the call to prostrate.

- Satan might escape due to fear since he remembers the same incident, the biggest misfortune that has ever hit him, when adhan, which calls people to prostrate, is called. (see Ibn Hajar, Fathul-Bari, 85-87)

Where does delusion in prayer come from though Satan escapes?

- According to an interpretation, the Satan in question in the hadith is only Iblis. For, he was the one that had been invited to prostrate before. For this reason, Iblis does not even want to hear adhan, which caused the biggest punishment to be given to him.

The other devils fulfill their duties when adhan is called. They cause delusions in prayer.

- According to an interpretation, those who escape from adhan are all devils. Those devils run away when adhan is called but return when adhan ends. When iqamah is called, they escape again; when iqamah ends, they return. (see Ibn Hajar, ibid)

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