Did the Prophet Yaqub (Jacob) beat himself?

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Today a Shiite asked me a question: If Sunnis say “Allah says, ‘do not hurt yourselves’ in the Quran”, why did the Prophet Yaqub hurt himself for his son.
In fact, me and a Shiite friend of mine were arguing that it was not appropriate to beat yourself and it was forbidden, and he said, “If so, why did Yaqub beat himself for his son, and they said ya ala sufaha yusufa?”

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Dear Brother / Sister,

We could not find any information that the Prophet Yaqub (Jacob) beat himself. There is not even a shred of such knowledge in the verses of the Quran and hadiths. The idea that the Prophet Yaqub, who is said to ask for “sabr jamil (patience)” in the verses of the Quran (Yusuf, 18, 83), to beat himself is contrary to the explicit decree of the Quran.

It is an interesting divine coincidence that there are 66 verses between the two verses in which “sabr jamil” is mentioned.

This number, 66, is the abjad value of “Allah”. It shows that Yaqub’s patience is in question thanks to his belief, confidence and trust in Allah.

In addition, we can understand the Prophet Yaqub’s belief in, surrendering to, trust in, respect, and devotion to Allah from the verse “I only complain of my distraction and anguish to Allah, and I know from Allah that which ye know not.” (Yusuf, 86)

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How can it fit a prophet (Hz. Yaqub) to cry for forty years because of being separated from his son (Hz. Yusuf)? Would it not have been better if he had shown patience?

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