Did the Prophet Musa (Moses) pray by saying make me a member of the ummah of Muhammad?

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- Did the Prophet Musa (Moses) Musa say to Allah, “Make me a member of the ummah of Muhammad”?
- Is there such information?

The Answer

Dear Brother / Sister,

The part of a long narration related to the question is as follows:

Musa (Moses) said: “O Lord! Verily I have found in the Torah the characteristics of a good ummah that will emerge for the benefit of humanity, that will enjoin good and forbid wrong, and that will believe in Allah. Let it be my ummah!”

Allah said, “It is the ummah of Muhammad”. (1)

There are other narrations regarding the issue too. (2)

In fact, the name “Muhammad” is mentioned as Mushaffah, al-Munhamanna, Himyata, etc. meaning “Muhammad”, in the form of Assyrian names in Hebrew in those books. The name “Muhammad” itself was present only in a few places. And those few occurrences were distorted by jealous Jews. (3)


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2) Abu Nuaym, Dalailun-Nubuwwa, Chapter Four.
3) see Yusuf Nabhani, Hujjatullah alal-Alamin, 112-113; Qastalani, al-Mawahibul-Ladunniyya, 6:189; Nursi, Mektubat, 19. Mektup.

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