The expressions of soothsayers and some scholars concerning the good news of the Prophet’s coming to this world before his birth are a proof his prophethood.

Some soothsayers foremost Shiqq and Satih, who lived before the birth of the prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and some mediums who got news from the realm of the unseen prophesied the arrival of the prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the place and time of his birth and also some of his actions.

The scholars of that time also gave the good news of the prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) arrival like soothsayers and mediums. For example, many intellectuals and scholars of that time like Kab Ibn Luayy, who was from the ancestors of the prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and sultans of Yemen and Damascus like Sayf Ibn Ziyazin and Tubba informed people about the prophethood of the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) very explicitly and some of them declared him in their poems.

Furthermore, one of those sultans said: “I prefer being a manservant of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) to this sultanate.” (1) One of them also said: “Alas! If I reached his time, I would be a cousin of him.” (2) That is, I would be a self-sacrificing servant and vizier of him.

For more information, please refer to the part “The Miraclesthat Took Place Before the Assignment of Prophethood” in this section: “The Miracles of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).”


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