Did Muslims make up the Gospel of Barnabas?

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Did Muslims make up the Gospel of Barnabas?

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A lot of things were written about the trueness of Barnabas / the Gospel of Barnabas, and for and against it.

In his book called “al-Yahudiyya wan-Nasraniyya”, Dr. Muhammad Ziyaurrahman al-Azami examines the evidences for and against it in detail and states the following in conclusion: The Gospel of Barnabas was written by Yusuf b. Lawi b. Ibrahim, who was known as Barnabas and who was a disciple of Hz. Isa (Jesus).

According to the author, after this Gospel was found, it caused a shock among Christians and was forbidden completely by Pope GELASIUS I. This Gospel, which was in Italian in origin, was translated into English and Arabic later. (see ibid, p.353-395).

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Will you give information about the Bible of Barnabas?

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